• ELLIE KAPIHE Vice President
  • JOY CHINEN Secretary
  • FRANCIS ODA Executive Board Member
  • CAROLINE ODA Executive Board Member

What is Transform our World Hawaii?

Transform Our World (TOW) Hawai’i is a network of pastors, ministry leaders, church members, and community leaders who are committed to praying for the welfare of the people of Hawai’i.

  • Eliminating hunger and poverty
  • Blessing our communities with prayer and service
  • Reducing crime and drug dependency
  • Restoring family values with parents and our keiki
  • Sharing the power of aloha to Hawai’i

Transformation Hawai’i registered as a 501(c) non-profit organization on Oct 2007. It is a chartered member of the Global International Transformation Network (ITN), headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It’s leadership recognized Hawaii’s serious socio-economic problems that plagued this island state such as: crime, physical and sexual abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction stemming from meth-amphetamines, hunger and homelessness, and the breakdown of the family and family values.

Individuals, communities, and even the government faced insurmountable obstacles and felt powerless.  The break through came as certain leaders came together, creating a grassroots movement called Transformation Hawai’i, with a mission to share the power of aloha, and to breakdown barriers that divided people and groups (private and public) to transform the malaise and social degradation affecting people and neighborhoods with the State of Hawai’i.  Transformation Hawai’i goals are to eradicate systemic problems and social challenges that fostered prejudice among ethnic, racial, and cultural lines by sharing the spirit and the power of aloha; so that people would grasp the true meaning of “Aloha” which means giving unconditional love; recognizing the decisions and policies of the legislative body should ultimately benefit those who are unable to help themselves, while seeking the goodwill of all.

It seeks common ground by striving for unity and inclusiveness, meaning that “everyone is included” which is the opposite of exclusiveness or elitism that divides people. Transformation Hawai’i is in a unique position to change to become a model and perhaps a catalyst for the nations of the world to emulate.  It doesn’t strive for political prestige or power, it doesn’t seek to benefit any one religious group or denomination, or domination, and doesn’t seek to usurp the government.  It exists primarily to serve the people of Hawai’i and to bring consensus, unity, and to make a difference for the sake of our island heritage, for the common good of all.

Paraphrasing an excerpt from author/writer, Douglas Leighton, writing about the uniqueness of Hawai’i and its culture: “Hawai’i is a special place, this is our home.  The name “Ha-wai-i” broken down into syllables means, (Ha) the breath of life; (Wai) the living water; and (I) the spirit.  Therefore, our Island Nation is a spiritual place, and we are held responsible to take care of its people by creating a safe environment of “Aloha” and “Ohana” or family.

Cal Chinen

 Joy Chinen

Pastor Cal Chinen and his wife Joy, pastor the Moanalua Garden Missionary Church (MGMC) in Honolulu.

Pastor Cal is actively involved in another organization, E Pule Kakou, which is a Hawaiian phrase for “Let’s pray together”, and a catalyst for bringing other churches and various denominations together to pray for the benefit of the people of Hawai’i.  Several denominations from the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches, including Word of Life, Assembly of God, Hope Chapel and New Hope are pursuing harmony and unity.

Ellie Kapihe
Vice President

Ellie Kapihe, Pastor of Windward Missionary Church (WMC). Prior to taking the pastor of WMC, Ellie was the youth pastor of Mililani Missionary Church.

Ellie also serves on the board of Transformation Hawai’i and E Pule Kakou. Staff member of Moanalua Gardens Missionary Church. Married to Becca Downey Kapihe. Has three children: Teila, EJ, and Tia.

Allen Cardines, Jr.
COO / President

Pastor Allen Cardines, Jr. with his wife, Mari, pastors the Hope Chapel Nanakuli which is located on the Waianae Coast of West Oahu. The church meets on the grounds of Nanakuli Middle School, and have developed a strong bond with the school’s staff and community through community service projects.

He is also the director of the Hawaii Family Forum, a non-profit organization which benefits the keiki (children) of Hawai’i.  The Hawai’i Family Forum is funded by the contributions of generous donors run by the Catholic Charities of Hawai’i, which helps senior citizens, unwed mothers who are pregnant and/or children who need special assistance for food or shelter.

 Dr. Francis Oda

Dr. Francis S. Oda was born and raised in Hawaii, and ordained in 1995 by Dr. Sam Sassar, previous Pastor of First Assembly of God, Honolulu.  He is the  Senior Pastor of NLH, and Chairs the Global Council of the International Transformation Network (ITN).  Dr. Oda serves on the boards of Christian organizations such as Harvest Evangelism, Transformation Hawaii, and the Hawaii Family Forum. As a minister in the marketplace, he is Chairman of Group 70 International, Inc., an award winning design firm in Hawaii.  Dr. Oda is an Associate Professor of the University of Hawaii School of Architecture, and developed the Doctor of Architecture program.  He is a Manoa Forum Scholar of the University of Hawaii and has been recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus of University of Hawaii.

Carol Ho’o manawanui